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Automatic feeding manipulator Photoelectric protection device for precision punching machine

      Automatic feeding manipulatorPrecision punching photoelectric protection device, photoelectric protection device also known as photoelectric protector, safe light screen, is a precision punching machine is a non-mandatory optional device, mainly for the precision punch dangerous processing areas for security protection, the personal safety of stamping processing production personnel. With stamping customers more and more safety requirements for processing production, along with the change is more and more customers have chosen for the punching machine installed photoelectric protection device, high-speed punching machine can be installed in the punching press slider down to play a protective role, once detected in the processing of dangerous areas have objects, it can be automated control press downtime , thus fundamentally ensuring the safety of the punch operator's life.

  Automatic punching ManipulatorPrecision Punch Photoelectric protection device by the light-emitting device, the receiver, the steel tube bracket, the signal cable and the controller compose, the controller is composed of the intermediate relay, the Stop button and the return solenoid valve, the intermediate relay coil is connected with the output end of the PLC controller, and the common open contact of the intermediate relay is in the circuit of the return solenoid valve, The Stop button is connected with the photoelectric protection device after the input of the PLC controller, the light from the light-emitting device is directly to the receiver, and the protective light screen is formed. When the light screen is blocked, the receiver produces a shading signal, transmission through the signal cable to the controller, the controller will handle this signal, produce a control signal, control the precision punch brake control loop alarm device, realize punching stop or safety alarm.

  Hardware Stamping automationIn the downward process of the precision punching slider, the coil of the intermediate relay in the Photoelectric Protection device controller shall not be electrically made so that the return solenoid valve does not work; When the photoelectric protection device of the precision punching machine detects that there is an object in the dangerous area, its often open contact is closed, which is equivalent to pressing the stop button and the input end of PLC Precision punch all solenoid valve loses power, press stops downward.