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Metal stamping automation precision punching machine and LCD back panel stamping

        Hardware Stamping automationPrecision Punch and LCD back plate stamping, when it comes to LCD products and LED products, I believe we are not unfamiliar, now ubiquitous LCD TV, lcd billboards, LCD large screen, and so on, no one does not show the charm of LCD products, and LED lights, led large screen products such as diversification, but also let the stamping equipment, a great shine, Precision punching machine to face such a wide range of high requirements of products, how to make products stand out, stamping equipment selection is also critical, then, the LCD backplane stamping when choosing which type of punch most practical?

       Stamping automationIn fact, before buying a large stamping equipment, first of all to the self-processed products have a general understanding, after all, the market on the various types of punching presses, processing accuracy, speed parameters are not uniform, coupled with the different punch configuration, even the same tonnage of the punch exists in different prices are also very normal, so be sure to root out from the size of the processed products , thickness, or mold design, such as the processing needs of targeted selection,Single machine multi-position manipulatorSingle process mode and Lian in the processing of the same product, punch tonnage choice will be different, so the product processing demand is very important link. Choose the right punch can be in mass production at the same time greatly improve product productivity.