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Operation principle of stamping automatic precision punching machine

Hardware Stamping automationThe operation principle of precision punching machine, in the precision punching machine, the automatic precision punching line is received by two oil cylinder die support plate, die-casting mold provided by the support plate installed in the mold, punching machine manufacturers die is fixed on the paper on the module high-speed punching machine from left to right or right to the die head at a certain speed continuously to the left.

Stamping automationPrecision punch through the motor drive pulley work, drive belt drive pulley passive, active, and then drive the active crankshaft pulley, through the crankshaft gear driven by the reverse rotation of the crankshaft driven by the active stamping, that the initiative crankshaft and crankshaft by the same speed in reverse rotation, Driven by the simultaneous motion of the four-lever connecting rod, the four-link 2 axis is connected by the lower part of the sliding part's device, while the lower-end four-link reciprocating motion drives the reciprocating upper and lower sliding punches, in the upper die and the lower die and the die by the relative movement of the punching sheet.

    Single machine multi-position manipulatorThe precision press presses the elastic plate into the end of the body, and the other end is fixed on the sliding device, the precision punching machine to limit the moving direction of the sliding member method, the further left slider direction of displacement is not limited in the vertical direction of movement, the movement direction of the rear slider refers to the front cover is set, in the 4-roller limit curve, But the curve of the wheel and the side of the wheel relative to the sliding part of the rolling device, then the movement along the vertical direction is not limited by the effect of moving up and down in the elastic plate and the curve wheel, only in the vertical direction and the four on the top Die High speed punch slider device with the joint action and the next mode positioning accuracy, Positioning accuracy can reach more than 0.01mm.