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Structural improvement of large precision punching machine for metal stamping automation

Short-length material automationThe structure improvement of large precision punching machine, the current precision punching machine is through the crankshaft Shiting to provide power, this kind of power transmission structure to ensure the smooth operation of the precision punching machine, in the manufacture of large size and stroke of the precision punch, can only reduce its travel times, increase the transmission ratio or even increase the gear transmission series, Thus restricting the precision punching machine punching productivity improvement, in order to break through this limit, only changes to the structure, and the market on the current large-tonnage precision punching machine changes make the structure of the punching machine tends to complex and large, resulting in late maintenance, maintenance use of cumbersome.

  Automatic punching ManipulatorIn order to solve the problem from the fundamental solution of large tonnage precision punch low, cumbersome structure difficult to maintain the problem, Wiedemann for large-tonnage precision punching machine using a new structure, the improved new large-tonnage punching machine has a large gear, crankshaft, connecting rod and slider, supporting large gears of the eccentric pin shaft is located on the fuselage, the crankshaft and connecting rod fixed connection, The connecting rod is connected with the sliding block hinge, in the fuselage also has a curved pole and the pendulum pole, in the big gear has the constant rod pin, the curved pole's one end and the connecting rod pin hinge, the curved Rod's opposite end and the pendulum pole's end through the pendulum rod pin is hinged, the pendulum pole's opposite end and the crankshaft fixed connection.

    Hardware Stamping automationThe large gears are biased relative to the crankshaft, the big gear and the curved pole are hinged, the curved pole and the pendulum defend hinged, the pendulum rod and the crankshaft are fixed together, the crankshaft drives the connecting rod, pushes the slider to move up and down, the big gear rotates clockwise, through the curved pole pushes the pendulum pole to rotate, because of the big gear and the crankshaft When rotating the center of the connecting rod pins and the center distance of the crankshaft varies within a certain range, cause the angle between the pendulum rod and the curved bar also changes in a range, the result is that when the gear is Shiting, the crankshaft makes the variable speed rotation, and the speed of the slider is faster and slower than that of the ordinary precision punching machine, as long as the parameter design is reasonable, We can realize that the slider slows down near the lower dead-center and accelerates the trip, which makes the stroke times of the punching machine reliably guaranteed.