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Multi-machine multi-station connecting manipulator precision punching die how to maintain

(1)Multi-machine multi-station connection manipulatorPrecision Punch mold diameter should be in the processing plate thickness of more than twice times, and the diameter as large as possible, the general diameter should be greater than 3MM, otherwise easy to break, affecting the life of the mold.

(2) Molding mold total height is not greater than 8MM, the common shutter length is not more than 75MM, pull the convex table diameter should not be less than 65MM.

(3) Precision punching machine usually not commonly used in the mold should be regularly carried out antirust work and oil painting.

(4)Independent Connection MachineThe gap is based on the processing of the plate thickness to determine, such as the processing of 2MM plate under the mold can not be processed 3MM plate can not be processed 1MM plate, otherwise it will aggravate the wear and tear and even break the mold.

(5) The position near the molding station is not available, because the height of the molding mold is far greater than the ordinary mold, preferably the molding process is put in the final, after the demolition.

(6) When forming must adopt low speed.

(7)Single machine multi-position manipulatorPrecision punch machining thick plate of the die edge is not allowed to have sharp corners, so the sharp angle should be rounded corners, otherwise very easy to wear or collapse angle.

Precision punching die injection, oil and the number of times by the processing material conditions, no rust, no scale material, to mold injection oil, oil with light lubricating oil. Rust has a scale of material, processing rust will enter between the mold and the coat, so that the convex mold can not be moved freely, in this case, if the oil, will make rust more easily stained, so when the material, on the contrary to wipe clean, the monthly decomposition, with gasoline wash clean, reassembled, so that can be satisfied with the processing. -