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Automatic feeding manipulator Precision punching machine clip type feeder

Automatic feeding manipulator
1. Clip type feeder suitable for ultra-thin (0.1-1.5mm thick) material feeding processing, supply stability, accurate delivery distance;
2. Clip-type Feeder is the face and surface contact, on the surface of the material will not leave any indentation, suitable for stamping electroplating materials, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron and other metal materials, stamping out the precision is very high, the pressure of the product requirements of high customers will generally choose this feeder.
3.Automatic punching ManipulatorThe clamping feeding machine is installed on the high speed punching machine, and the noise of the feeder is very small;
4. Clip-type feeder with gantry high-speed punching machine feeding speed is very fast, feeding up to 1000-1200 times per minute, is the high-speed punching machine used the fastest feeding device, greatly improve production capacity, reduce the cost of manufacturers, is very suitable for large quantities of parts production.
5.Hardware Stamping automationHigh-speed punching machine clamp feeder using scale adjustment and belt transmission, the personnel operation is very simple, good stability, any person can easily operate:
6. Clip type feeding machine as one forming structure, can avoid high speed punching when the resonance, to ensure the stability of long-term feeding accuracy.