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The reason for the safety hidden trouble of punching automation single punch production

  Multi-position punching manipulatorPrecision Punch support seat for the hollow structure, the supporting seat can play a role in damping, to avoid punching the crankshaft downward impact on the electronic cam, the shaft and the supporting seat with two bearings, bearing can bear radial load, prolong the service life of the shaft.


  Automatic punching ManipulatorWhen running, the precision Punch main motor through the gear to drive the crankshaft rotation, the gear through the elastic pin drive the rotating shaft, the rotating shaft through the elastic coupling to the speed of the electronic cam, due to high-speed punch electronic cam installed elastic coupling, elastic coupling only transfer on the rotating shaft torque, therefore, in any case, will not affect the electronic cam, so as to improve precision punch electronic cam monitoring accuracy. Single-flush production has great security risks: punch in the matching Tanchongmo stamping production, are used manually into the sheet metal stamping die, the operation of the staff is not only easy to be the edge of the material scratched and the spirit needs to be particularly concentrated, a lot of times slightly inattentive, feet have stepped foot switch, hand but did not leave the punch in time, By the precision punch presses the hand to cause the personal injury, therefore the single flush production safety hidden danger is extremely.


  Stamping automationPrecision punching machine production efficiency is low, finished product precision is poor: punch in the match with Tanchongmo stamping production, an operator can only operate a punching machine, many times also need more people to help, work intensity, actual efficiency is very low, the work of the daily focus of stamping finished only dozens of hundreds, And the finished product is the use of artificial to press feed, feeding accuracy can not be guaranteed, resulting in uneven quality of products.


The production of precision punching machine is very wasteful high production cost: punching sheet punching production must use the purchased sheet, compared to the automated stamping production of the volume of the purchase cost of a lot of material, and each piece of sheet metal stamping after the production of scraps and tailings, resulting in a huge waste of material, making the cost of production increased a lot.