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Hardware stamping automation equipment is usually used to brake the

Automatic punching ManipulatorIt is very important to detect the precision of precision punch. Because it is to indicate that the detected punch of the various moving parts in the CNC system under the control of the accuracy of the movement can be achieved, so by measuring the positioning accuracy, precision punching machine can be judged by the automatic operation of the machine can achieve the best workpiece processing accuracy. It must be stressed here that the current positioning accuracy of the test is a rapid, positioning measurement, some of the feed system stiffness is not very good CNC punching machine, the use of different feed speed positioning, will obtain different positioning accuracy values.

In addition, the detection results of positioning accuracy and the operating conditions of the axis related to the current majority of CNC punching machine through the semi-closed loop system, position detection components are mostly installed on the drive motor, the ball screws of the thermal elongation has no effective identification measures. Therefore, it is not surprising that the error of producing 0.01~0.02mm in the 1m stroke is not strange when the positioning accuracy is measured and the speed of the trip is several times. This is due to the rapid movement of the lead screw several times, the external temperature is likely to rise 0.5~1℃, resulting in the thermal elongation of the lead screw. This kind of thermal elongation produces the error, some presses then uses the pretension (preload) method to reduce the influence.

       Hardware Stamping automationThe repeated positioning accuracy of each axis is the most basic precision index, which reflects the stability of the axis motion accuracy, and the punching machine with poor precision is usually unable to guarantee the stable production. Nowadays because of the more and more functions of CNC system, the system error such as pitch accumulation error and reverse clearance error can be compensated for each coordinate movement precision, and only random error cannot be compensated, and the repetitive positioning precision reflects the synthetical random error of Feed drive mechanism, it can't be corrected by CNC system compensation. When it is found that it is very poor, only the feed drive chain for rectification correction. Therefore, in the purchase of punch should be given priority to buy repetitive positioning precision punching machine.

Precision Punch in the use of different stamping occasions with different stamping die, if used for stretching occasions to use to stretch die, and stretching die has a more specific requirements, its use of punch processing materials need to have a pressing edge and the product top out of the action. When the tensile process requires a large stretch of the press die to install a buffer device to complete the crimping and ejection action, and this device used for buffering in the stamping industry is called mold pad.

At present in the tension of the use of the mold pad is basically hydraulic mold pad, but this kind of mold pad has a very significant deficiencies, mainly in three major areas:

1, because of the use of oil pressure, its parts of the manufacturing precision requirements are relatively high, resulting in higher cost;

2, the use of high cost, as the existing stamping equipment generally use pneumatic clutch brake, the factory only gas source, so the use of existing mold pads need a set of independent hydraulic pressure equipment;

3, oil pressure sealing requirements are relatively high, the probability of leakage is larger, the working environment is relatively dirty.

       Metal Stamping ManipulatorTo fundamentally address this deficiency, precision machine for precision punching machine tensile production design, production of a pneumatic mold pad device, using gas to replace oil, without independent sources, can be used with the punch to share the gas source, with manufacturing costs, will not leak, quick response, easy maintenance, clean work environment advantages.