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How to deal with the impact noise of multi-machine multi-station connection manipulator

Stamping automationThe slider is a mold assembly that is able to slide in an open mode action of a die in a direction perpendicular to the opening or closing mode or at a certain angle to the direction of the clamping. The slider plays an important role in the process of precision punching, and the normal operation of the slider is essential. This article focuses on the punching machine slider impact noise problem, the following we will look at the Precision Press slider impact noise big how to do.

1,Single machine multi-position manipulatorThe cause of the key or secondary key handle is interrupted. Replace the key handle or the secondary key handle.

2. The gap between the screw ball head and the ball bowl or the ball cover is too large. When the punch is working, the screw ball head is in contact with the ball bowl and the ball cover, because the screw ball head is oscillating to make the screw ball head and the ball bowl, the friction between the ball cap and the grinding rockery produces the gap: the pad adjusts the gap between the ball head and the ball bowl and the ball cover, so that the ball head is pressed against them or the ball bowl is replaced, and the ball cap can be pressed tightly against the head.

3, the ball cover of the tension screws loose. Tighten the ball Gaizhi tighten the screws.

4. The clearance between the bushing, the connecting rod bushing and the crankshaft is too large. Bushings can be repaired or replaced, adjusted and scraped or even replaced by connecting rod drawing to achieve the appropriate clearance.

5,Independent Wired manipulatorBrake braking force adjustment is too small. Adjust the power of the system properly. is the slide block when no obvious impact vibration, brake wheel no higher temperature rise (not hot), the slider runs freely.

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