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What is the operating principle of the stamping automation manipulator?

What is the operating principle of the punch manipulator?

Hardware Stamping automationThe common punch manipulator is a mechanical equipment commonly used for horizontal/vertical displacement in industrial production, which is driven by the cylinder and controlled by the corresponding solenoid valve. The following is a description of the components and movement of the pneumatic manipulator.

Stamping Automatic Pneumatic machineryThe hand is mainly composed of three parts, the frame, the mechanical arm and the claw, which are fixed supporting function. Drive the first shoulder joint movement has 2 pneumatic muscle composition, the rack arm has 4 pneumatic muscle composition, the big arm installs has 4 pneumatic muscles, the small arm installs has 4 pneumatic muscles.

Classification of V:

1.Single machine multi-position manipulatorAccording to the driving mode can be divided into hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, mechanical manipulator;

2. According to the applicable scope can be divided into special manipulator and general manipulator two kinds;

3. According to the trajectory control mode can be divided into point-position control and continuous trajectory control manipulator.

Pneumatic punch manipulator can achieve 4 degrees of freedom of movement, its respective degrees of freedom driven by the pneumatic muscles to achieve. The most front end of the claw grasping items, through the drive of the pneumatic muscles to achieve the rotation of their joints, so that the goods in space movement, according to reasonable control, the ultimate realization of the movement of the manipulator requirements.