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What are the advantages of metal stamping automatic stamping processing

Multi-position punching manipulatorPrecision punch stamping processing is mainly relying on molds and presses to complete the pressure processing, then stamping processing and other processing methods in comparison with what advantages? ,

1. High efficiency

Precision punch stamping processing is based on stamping die and punching equipment to complete the pressure processing, general press of the stroke of dozens of times per minute, high-speed press can reach hundreds of times per minute or even thousands of times, high efficiency, easy to operate, and easy to realize automatic he and mechanization, is an efficient processing method.

2, Automatic feeding manipulatorGood interchangeability

Stamping parts of the size of precision is to rely on the accuracy of the mold to ensure that, because the life of the mold is generally very long, stamping parts of the quality is very stable, interchangeability good, with "identical" characteristics.

3. Wide Processing Range

   Automatic punching ManipulatorThe use of stamping processing, you can obtain other processes can not or difficult to manufacture of thin-walled, light, complex shape parts, such as large to the car longitudinal beam, covering pieces, small to clock the second hand can be used to produce punching punch.

4. Low cost

Stamping processing is not like cutting, need to cut a lot of metal, material consumption is less, and generally do not need heating equipment, so it is a kind of saving materials, energy conservation, low-cost processing methods.