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Stamping process characteristics of stamping automation

Stamping process characteristics of stamping automation

Hardware Stamping automationPunching is an efficient production method, the use of compound mold, especially the multi-position progressive die, can be in a press (single station or multi-position) on the completion of multi-channel stamping process, from the belt material Open, leveling, blanking to forming, finishing fully automatic production. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, generally can produce hundreds of pieces per minute. Compared with other methods of machining and plastic processing, stamping processing has many unique advantages in both technical and economic aspects. The main performance is as follows.

(1)Stamping automationStamping processing of high production efficiency, and easy to operate, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. This is because stamping is to die and stamping equipment to complete the processing, the ordinary press of the travel times can reach dozens of times per minute, high-speed pressure can reach hundreds of times per minute or more, and each punching stroke may get a punch.

(2) Stamping as a result of the mold to ensure the size and shape accuracy, and generally do not damage the stamping parts of the surface quality, and mold life is generally longer, so the quality of stamping stability, interchangeability good, with "identical" characteristics.

(3)Single machine multi-position manipulatorStamping can be processed out of a larger size, more complex shape parts, such as small to watch the stopwatch, large to the car longitudinal beam, covering, and so on, coupled with the cold deformation hardening effect of the material, stamping strength and stiffness are higher

(4) Stamping automation of stamping is not generally produced by cutting debris, material consumption is less, and no other heating equipment, it is a kind of saving materials, energy-efficient processing methods, stamping parts of lower cost.