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The working process of metal stamping manipulator

Metal Stamping ManipulatorThe working process

Metal stamping Manipulator's action process is as follows: Starting from the beginning of the press Start button, the drop solenoid valve power, the manipulator began to decline.

Hardware Stamping automationDown to the end, hit the lower level switch, drop solenoid valve power, drop stop at the same time, the clamping solenoid valve, manipulator clamping, clamping, the rise of the solenoid valve began to power up, the manipulator rose; up to the top, hit the upper-level switch, the rise of the solenoid valve power off, rising stop; at the same time, the right shift solenoid valve, Right move in place, hit the right shift limit switch, right shift solenoid valve power off, right to stop.

Stamping automationAt this point, there is no work on the right worktable, the photoelectric switch is connected, the drop solenoid valve is connected, the manipulator drops. Down to the bottom of the lower position switch down solenoid valve power off, drop stop at the same time clamping solenoid valve power off, the manipulator relaxed, relaxed, rising solenoid valve power, manipulator rise, up to the limit when the limit switch, rising solenoid valve power off, rising stop; at the same time, switch to left-shift solenoid valve, manipulator left shift; Hit the left limit switch, the left solenoid valve power off, left to stop.

At this point, stamping manipulator after eight steps to complete a cycle.