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What are the three key elements of stamping automation?

Stamping automationWhat are the three elements of stamping?

Stamping processing is the use of conventional or special stamping equipment power, so that the sheet in the mold directly under the deformation force and deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of the product parts production technology. Stamping automation of the sheet, mold and equipment are stamping processing of the three elements. Stamping processing is a kind of metal cold deformation processing method. So, is called cold stamping or sheet stamping, short stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure processing), and also belongs to material forming engineering technology.

Automatic feeding manipulatorStamping Automation Factory Introduction, stamping the use of the mold called stamping die, referred to as die. Stamping die is a special tool for processing materials (metal or nonmetal) into the required stamping parts in batches. Punching die is very important in stamping, there is no die to meet the requirements, batch stamping production is difficult to carry out; no advanced stamping die, advanced punching technology can not be achieved.

Hardware Stamping automationStamping process and die, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping processing, stamping automation company analysis, only they can be combined to obtain stamping parts.

That very long strip or cold stamping, just stamping die different, a piece of material with continuous feeding is called continuous mode, the single product into the processing, called Tanchongmo, put the material into a punch, called compound mold