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What are the main points of design of automatic punching manipulator?

What are the main points of design of automatic punching manipulator?

1,Automatic punching ManipulatorThe punching manipulator should have proper clamping force. Hand work, should have appropriate clamping force to ensure that the clamping stability and reliability, small deformation and does not damage the bar material of the machined surface. For the poor rigidity of the bar clamping force size should be designed to adjust, for this machine should consider the use of self-locking safety device.

2,Hardware Stamping automationPunch manipulator refers to a sufficient opening and closing range. When working, a finger opening and closing position with maximum change is called open and close range. For back-shift arm fingers open and close range, can be closed and closed angle and finger clamping end length. And the workpiece shape, size and other factors. If the environment permits, open and close range is better.

3,Stamping Automation MachineThe structure of the manipulator is simple, light in weight and small in size. The arm is in the wrist most front end, the movement state is changeable when working, its structure, the weight and the volume directly affects the entire manipulator's structure, grasps the weight, the positioning accuracy, the movement speed and so on performance. Therefore, the design needs to find the above characteristics.

4, the manipulator should have a certain strength and stiffness.

5, punching machine manipulator for other aspects of the requirements: for clamping manipulator, according to the shape of the workpiece for the round bar, so the most commonly used is the external card gripper claw, clamping method with the constant closed-type spring clamping. When released, use a single acting hydraulic cylinder. This kind of structure is simpler and easy to manufacture