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Structural characteristics of independent wired manipulator

  Multi-machine multi-station connecting machineThe structure characteristic of the crank shaft of high speed precision punching machine, high speed precision punching machine is a crank shaft punching machine, with the crank shaft as the active part, the rotating motion of the crank shaft is transformed into the upper and lower reciprocating linear movement of the high speed Precision punch slider, the connecting rod neck of the crank shaft is connected with the big hole of the connecting rod, the small head hole of the connecting rod is connected with the slider, and the upper The lower die is fixed on the lower worktable plate, the slider drives the upper die relative to the lower die movement, the material that is placed between the upper and lower modes is stamped, therefore, the crank shaft structure plays an important role in the application of the high speed precision punching machine.

    Independent Wired manipulatorand high speed precision punch crank shaft to really run the use, the crank shaft must be fitted with a drive gear and a small gear connected to the feeding device, and the traditional drive gear and pinion are fixed by: first the keyway is set on the crank shaft of the punch, and the corresponding key is set on the drive gear and pinion, and the positioning installation is done first, Then the crank shaft and the drive gear and the connecting parts of the pinion made ladder-shaped, and then by the crank shaft with a bolt installation baffle to the drive gear and pinion fixed, this way, the installation of small gears, demolition, maintenance is very troublesome, time-consuming and laborious, affecting efficiency.

    Short-length material automationHigh-speed precision punch for this problem, high-speed precision punching machine design a new type of crank shaft structure, which consists of crank shaft, drive gear and small gear, wherein the drive gear and pinion are mounted on the crank shaft, and the pinion is located in the rear of the driving gear, the pinion is connected with the feeding device at the same time, A groove is also arranged on the crank shaft of the rear part of the pinion, and the groove is provided with a card spring. A groove is arranged on the circumferential position of the outer end of the connecting part of the crank shaft and the pinion by a high speed precision punching machine, and in the Groove card has a card spring way to fix small gears, so that the installation of small gears fixed, disassembly, maintenance is very convenient, simple and easy, and save time and effort, improve the work efficiency.