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Dongguan Juming billion Automation Co., Ltd. before the name (Cheng Village Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. ) is a small number of Taiwan can produce and Japan's same-level NC precision automatic moving manipulator equipment feeder metal stamping automation equipment manufacturers. Have a high quality, and strive to constantly develop the team, and is committed to innovation, improvement, for the relevant industry to provide more perfect service.

With the continuous development of science and technology, changing market environment, the needs of relevant industry manufacturers to import automation equipment to enhance their production efficiency and product accuracy, technology in the industrial production of the application and demand is more and more extensive, the mechanical equipment of professional manufacturing and technical precision also requires higher. Dongguan Juming billion Automation Co., Ltd. was founded in Dongguan, China. Dongguan Juming billion Automation Co., Ltd. from the design, planning, manufacturing, sales, service systematization operations.

The main production equipment includes: CNC automatic stamping and moving manipulator. Each type of machine emphasizes the design of high steel structure to ensure the precision and quality of feeding, automatic detection device, effectively reduce product adverse rate. NC servo control Automatic Moving Manipulator series: effectively improve product yield, production efficiency, and perfect with a variety of precision stamping processing of special automation equipment. Our company all products are Japan, Taiwan Professional and technical personnel design and development and guidance of production. High efficiency, automation, and its precision and quality comparable to other imported machines, more sheet stamping industry to provide updates, higher quality automation processing equipment, to provide more rapid and better service.

In order to meet the relevant industry high quality requirements, our company constantly research and development, design, manufacture, and regularly sent to foreign trainees to absorb new knowledge, for the companies to invest in the design and development of the latest products to provide higher quality, more rapid service to the industry. The main products are as follows: crb-single multi-station moving Manipulator series, crb-l more than one press station to move the line Manipulator series, independent-type wired manipulator, two (three) dimensional precision multi-station moving Manipulator series, CSB short just ruler (sheet) automatic feeding manipulator.